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Triple-T is an abbreviation for The Training Team.

And that is exactly what we do. Training. We just do SMART training!

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Some of the reasons you will choose Triple-T as you provider of choice are:

Save on Training Costs

  • We charge a fixed daily fee.
  • We encourage clients to book a number of training days per month.
  • This means a fixed training cost fitted to your budget, with the capability of training a lot more people than you would have at a conventional training facility.
  • Once you know how many days a month you have allocated for training we can then design a custom solutions to cover al your training needs.

Get More for Your Money

  • With customised and on-site training, you get more for your training money: more choice, more control, and better results.

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  • Any course in our curriculum
  • Any course in our curriculum customized to your organization's needs
  • A course on any topic custom-designed for your organization (permitting we have a specialist in that field in ourfranchise network)

More Control

More control over:

  • Course topics and structure
  • Class location, size, and audience
  • Class schedule
  • With only your employees present, sensitive and proprietary issues can be addressed and used as examples during class

Better Results

  • More choice and control leads to better results
  • Classes can be held when it's most convenient for your team
  • Custom-designed classes can incorporate your products and designs
  • Custom-designed classes can focus on what's relevant to your organisation and industry